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Welcome to SouthPark Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation & Health Services

You have one body.

Only one.

The good news is your body wants to be well, whole.  Every moment of every day your systems are working to keep you in a state of balance. It's pretty amazing when you stop and think about it.

Physical therapy is one of a multitude of ways you can help this balancing act.

Whatever your injury, illness or difficulty, we will offer the Physical Therapy treatment, tools, support and motivation to enhance your healing potential. Our job is to make the experience as inviting as possible.

Your role in therapy is not easy, but will without question, be worth all the effort you give.

The path of physical health is simple, still far from easy.  Nutrition, rest, activity-  Our lives interrupt these basic  needs. In PT we address your family, work and recreation to bring physical understanding to your life as a whole.

SouthPark Physical Therapy invites you to take this opportunity to gain a deep understanding of your physical self and function in the larger world. We hope you choose to take this step with us.

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