Five Reasons Why You Need To Start Doing Pilates

Pilates, a form of exercise that improves both mental and physical health, is a gentle foray into better overall health. It’s an easy choice once you weigh the benefits - a choice that is rooted in a desire to better both one’s health and overall feeling of peace and wellness.

While there are many reasons to get out your mat and get started, we’ve chosen five that can help make your decision easy. Pilates is known to boost:

1. Your Health

The biggest benefit that comes from Pilates is the boost to your overall health. Pilates has been known to help ease back pain, which, according to the American Chiropractic Association, is thought to affect between 70 - 80% of all people at some point in their lives.

Since Pilates is focused on breathing, core strength and deep stretching, it can ease back pain through increased flexibility and muscle tone. Of course, like any exercise, a doctor should be consulted before introducing Pilates into your daily schedule. For those who get the go ahead, the practice can prove both soothing and calming for their tensions.

2. Your Sense of Self

Many adults remember being told to ‘sit up straight’ when they were a child. While there is less focus on that as you get older and more able to make your own decisions, the truth in those words is still potent. A great benefit of Pilates is the boost in self - you understand your body, the best way to maneuver, and how to hold it. A confidence is built through the increased fluid in your movements and the gained flexibility. Pilates strengthens your posture, giving you a stable and steady advantage over your body and improving your balance.

3. Your Strength

While Pilates is a more gentle form of exercise, it’s improvement on your overall strength is amazing. This is a strength that boasts a variety of advantages, including:

  • Strengthening your core
  • Increasing your strength without bulbous muscles
  • Posture awareness
  • Prevention of injury through muscles with increased flexibility
  • Overall balance of muscle strength

These benefits help to create a lean, flexible body that has more energy and greater reach.

4. Your Stamina

Since Pilates introduces breathing techniques and better circulation, your stamina can see a dramatic shift. Getting the body up and moving is a natural energy boost. Regular sessions of Pilates does just that, as well as increasing your mental awareness through generally improved health. There’s nothing more exciting than finding yourself able to walk longer, breath deeper, and function with less strain.

5. It’s Easy to Start

Since Pilates is a less stressful form of exercise, many participants find it easier to introduce to their daily routines. This creates a comfortable schedule, giving your body movement and agility more often than you would for a strenuous and painful exercise routine.

Pilates opens up the key areas to your physical and mental health: mind, breath, and center. Your longer, leaner muscles will give you an elegance that can’t be purchased or imitated, and the grace in your step will exhume confidence. Pilates can truly change your body, and how you feel in it, and the decision to treat yourself to these benefits will easily become a defining moment in your story.

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