How PT Helps Busy Workers

The workplace can be an extremely stressful environment, especially in these days of high expectations. It has been estimated that stress affects nearly half of all employee performance in the United States. It’s not just job performance and functionality that’s at risk, however. Stress is the catalyst behind a multitude of both physical and mental ailments, including some that require a physical therapist for long term assistance.

Stress-related disorders are not reserved for highly physical jobs. A recent look into Amazon, a high tech company, showed a life of hectic schedules, limitless responsibilities and little to no rest. The workers involved will likely see years worth of stress-related complications that can become bothersome to handle.

Studies have shown that a steady flow of intense stress can lead to a number of troubling outcomes, including:

- Job burnout
- Declining Relationships
- Lack of self worth
- Irritability
- Heightened Anxiety
- Depression

One of the biggest issues surrounding work-related stress has to do with workplace injuries. A lack of focus and chronic fatigue can lead to often detrimental accidents. Some of these accidents can take years of physical therapy and counseling to combat, and some can prove fatal.

Stress has various physical impacts on workers as well. Some of the harsher results of a high stress work life include heart problems, intense back pain, a rise in blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. That doesn’t include highly physical complications from jobs that involve heavy lifting, long hours of physical labor with little rest, and more. As we age we are less able to deal with intense levels of stress, giving older workers even worse results.

While many stress-related difficulties can be managed, it takes a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge to understand the necessary steps. Many people continue to ignore back issues well into adulthood, giving them lower life quality. A dedicated physical therapist can help with pain and deterioration of the body before it becomes a serious problem, in the workplace or otherwise. Physical therapists see different forms of pain every day and are trained and skilled to provide relief with neck pain, back pain, and injuries sustained on the job. It takes help and determination to get through the rough times of high stress jobs and mounting expectations.

While hard work should not be rewarded with discomfort and long-term pain, there are ways to attend to years of work-related injuries and pressure. We rely on our bodies to get us through life. Treat your body well and make sure you are always at your best by visiting a licensed physical therapist to ease work-related discomforts.