Why You Should Be Getting an Hour Massage Each and Every Week

Three out of four of all doctor’s visits are due to stress-related ailments. That’s no shocker, of course, especially in this age of more work and less pay. We’re bombarded every day with more and more problems, irritations, and impossible goals. It would take a literal superhero to walk away from a week with nothing but smiles and happiness.

Stress is the culprit behind a number of terrible conditions and ailments. The risk of having a stroke increases by 50% for stressed adults. The very real daily horrors of a bad back are encouraged by rising stress levels as well. Thankfully, there's something you can do to alleviate this stress and regain your sense of composure and wellbeing, and it only takes an hour a week.

An hour massage a week not only eases your tension but combats three of the biggest killers in the United States:

  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Strokes

Part of taking care of the only body you’ll ever have is easing stress. A massage is not just good for relaxation. Weekly massages provide a multitude of benefits, spanning your physical body, your mind, and your health. Your soft tissue may be the direct receiver of therapeutic touch, but the rest of you will be enhanced and rejuvenated in the process.

Other reasons to schedule a weekly massage:

You Work Hard

After a stressful week, your body and mind may feel like they’ve been drug through the muck. Hard work should not be punished with a bad back or aching head. A weekly massage addresses the stress and tension that builds up in the body because of various stressors and relieves them, keeping you active, in a good mood, and ready for activities that bring you joy.


You Deserve a Natural Pain Reliever

Endorphins hold a special place in the heart (or, rather, head) of every human. A massage brings down a lovely mass of them, sparing the pain from things such as migraines and carpal tunnel syndrome. When regularly done, you decrease your need for pain relievers in the form of addiction fueling pills and liquids.


Enhance Your Body

Running, walking, standing and even sitting builds up tension in your body and can be rough on your circulation. Since massage therapy breaks down to soft tissue manipulation, it gets the blood moving and the heart beating. A massage also provides an avenue that not only benefits your soft tissue but enhances and improves your skin. Whether you’re a busy athlete or a dedicated I.T professional, a weekly massage can interrupt the stress you put on your body with intervals of calm.

Enhance the mind

The health of your mind is a big deal. For the creative spirit, the ease of a rejuvenating massage can open a path to your next painting, your next symphony, or even your next script. More business-savvy individuals can see their concentration improved, giving you the focus needed to excel at work or with a small business.

Of course, the most attractive benefit of a weekly massage is being pampered. A weekly massage addresses your need to let go and be attended to, giving you a chance to exist without burdens and worry for a short while. Treat your body and mind to a regular ‘me’ session and encourage overall well-being in just an hour a week.